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Randy S

Glad to hear the VRBO works well for this trip that was my only concern. Frankly, you have spoiled us, renting in other locations is absolutely terrible now that know how it should work. You have an amazing setup that we appreciate greatly.  We will never bring our own clubs to Phoenix.   Best, Randy S

G. Root

Just returned from a nice golf vacation in Arizona. Using Phoenix Golf Club Rentals provided awesome clubs (like new), at about 30% of the golf course rental rates.We ended up playing a lot more games because clubs we were accustomed to were always with us. Absolutely no problem with transportation, as they were picked up from and dropped off with resort valet. Big plus was Greg's recommendations and suggestions on best courses for our requirements. I'd definitely give this company an "A".

Arizona Open Qualifier Using Phoenix Golf Club Rentals TaylorMade M2

My son qualified for Arizona Open using Phoenix Golf Club Rentals New TaylorMade M2 equipment. Two days before the qualifier, my son took his equipment to get adjusted for the The AZ Open Qualifier.  The shop did not have his clubs ready, so I reached out to Phoenix Golf Clubs Rentals and rented a set for the day.  My son shot a 71 and qualified for the Arizona Open!  Obviously the clubs were fantastic and in superb shape.  Thanks to the Phoenix Golf Club Rentals team, we appreciate your help in a pinch!

  • S. Colgate

Karl P.

A group of us rented over the Waste Management Open weekend and the service was spectacular.  Clubs were waiting for us when we checked into the hotel and all sets were in wonderful shape!  The group went with the Platinum sets and wow, they were much better than we swing at home!  Best part of the service, is we didn't have to pick up, hassle with bags or hope Fed Ex delivered properly.  All super easy and we will definitely be using Phoenix Golf Cub rentals next time we are in Scottsdale. -Karl P.

Mike Z.

We used your service last year in December and found it to be awesome, so when ever we come to phoenix we will always use.  So much easier then hauling clubs

Ken C.

Greg, just wanted to say thanks for you effort and service. The clubs were great and everything went perfect. I will recommend and use you again when back in the Phoenix area.


Greg -  thanks for the great service.  The clubs were perfect! Melissa


Hi Greg, Just a quick note to say thanks for all your efforts in making our golfing holiday a much more relaxed affair, you saved us the task of lumping clubs around airports and the clubs were first class complete with the bags, we have recommended you to the company that sets up our golfing holiday each year so I hope that you will get some spin off in the future. We had a great time in Arizona and when we come back we will give you a call regarding club hire, in the meantime once again thanks for everything.   Best regards   Denny

John S.

Just to let you know how much we valued your service and consultation on area courses during our golf vacation, I did some selling for your company with several of our time share owners who we're dragging around their clubs. I will be back in February of 2015 and will need clubs for 2-3 weeks.

Jim C.

Greg, thanks for the great service.  Clubs were where they were supposed to be and on time.  Great clubs and bag,  in great condition.  I will definitely use your service again and recommend it to my friends.  


Great – thank you!   You should expand your business to other states.  It’s no longer cost effective to take clubs when flying (unless the purpose of the trip is golf) and rental clubs at courses are outrageously expensive.  What a great service!

Matt D.

Thanks for the great service. We had a great time. The rentals were perfect, new Pings that had never been swung! I will recommend this service to all our friends.


Thanks again for the great service and clubs. All of my golfing partners were impressed with the quality of the clubs and after seeing the price and quality of the clubs regretted not renting themselves - and I must admit I got a bit of a chuckle watching them scramble with their own clubs through the airport and shuttles.